SATE OF ART  from Netherlands.

Since 1987, State of Art has been fusing the best of every era to delight men who value true style.




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State of Art – clothing that boldly speaks for itself. This brand has long been time-tested and won the hearts of more than one hundred men. The history of the company began back in 1936 and since then the manufacturer has never ceased to amaze its customers with stylish and incredibly comfortable clothes that are suitable for everyday wear and for special occasions. Each model of the brand is the embodiment of the highest quality and incredible comfort. Of course, there are many brands in the world that produce clothes exclusively for men. And the Dutch brand is no exception.

The Internet platform “World of Wear” offers its customers models of the famous Dutch brand at competitive prices. State of Art wholesale stock is suitable for both a large store and a small entrepreneur who is just starting his journey in the fashion industry and has opened a small online store.

State of Art is a brand for active men

All State of Art clothing, which you can buy at a bargain price with WOW, is designed for men with an active lifestyle. So, to create samples, only the best samples of fabrics and accessories are used, which have high wear resistance. So, the Dutch brand presented men with clothes that are distinguished by the following features:

  • the presented wardrobe items are incredibly comfortable;
  • original design that suits all men without exception;
  • almost all models are recognized worldwide – from classic models to original ones;
  • the main focus on men leading an active lifestyle, therefore, the State of Art shirt, State of Art jacket, trousers, and many other elements are highly wear-resistant;
  • the widest palette of the most diverse shades, which repeats all the colors and tones of the world-famous Dutch tulips.

Also, it is worth noting the ergonomic design of each piece of clothing, which allows men to feel incredibly comfortable in any situation. The convenience of each element is so high that the man will feel the pleasant touch of each element and stay in the zone of increased comfort. And thanks to the original design and a wide palette of shades, everyone will be able to choose for themselves an image that will speak for itself.

Quality men’s clothing wholesale at an affordable price

All models of the Dutch brand have gained wide popularity in many European countries. To date, State of Art is represented in 1200 stores and the World of Wear online warehouse is no exception. The active lifestyle of a modern man requires truly high-quality clothing. The brand’s collections are not limited to just one type of clothing. These are shirts, and comfortable jumpers, high-quality jeans, trousers, practical T-shirts or loose shorts. A wide variety of products can be found in the catalog on our website. Small and large wholesale is available for you. And the prices will pleasantly surprise everyone.