Bonprix mix

Bonprix from Germany – whatever your style, whatever your budget and whatever your body shape, it has affordable fashion for every occasion.

We offer Bonprix mix for Men, Women and Kids.



Bonprix is ​​a brand of an international company headquartered in the German city of Hamburg. Despite the fact that factories are located all over the world (Poland, India, Vietnam), it is extremely popular all over the world. The company was founded in 1986, and its main focus has always been distance selling. If initially you could find brand catalogs in your mailbox, today it is much easier to make a purchase via the Internet.

From Bonprix, the sale is a great opportunity to profitably purchase quality items at competitive prices. The company carefully monitors all products delivered to consumers. And the main emphasis of the brand is quality, comfort, convenience and affordability. Bonprix – clothes for every day. If you are interested in wholesale clothing from Bonprix, WOW online wholesale warehouse will help you with this.

High quality and wide range

From the very beginning of its existence, the brand’s designers sought to create clothes that could emphasize the peculiarities of the life of their customers, their lifestyle. That is why the company does not limit its tailoring standards to the size of “ideal” models. After all, we are all different. And the brand’s clothing is just as diverse. In addition, not only women can shop at Bonprix. Here you will find many offers for both men and children.

Through hard work, the company’s designers strive to bring fashion trends and world styles into everyday life. So, among the huge variety of assortment, you can choose an image not only for work or walking with children. There are many offers for different occasions, including special occasions. What are Bonprix dresses worth, which not only look stunning, but also conquer with their comfort and special style.

The Bonprix network has five own brands, each of which presents its collection monthly. So, you can always pick up T-shirts, jeans, blouses from Bonprix. Especially popular with the Bonprix brand are jackets that combine affordability and excellent quality, comfort and style. By choosing a German brand, you can be sure that you are getting impeccable quality for a truly fashionable and comfortable wardrobe.

Wholesale purchase with World of Wear

Of course, each of us strives to be on the crest of a wave in this world, seething like an ocean. And sometimes you have to change images every now and then, to reincarnate. But with Bonprix clothes, you will look perfect in every situation.

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