Gsus mix

GSUS  is a fashion brand from Amsterdam, creating playful and daring products since 1993.

We offer GSUS mix for Men and Women.



Gsus is a brand from the Netherlands, which began its history in 1993. Initially, it was a small shop with goods for skaters. But after some time, the company launched a clothing line that was aimed at sports. Sportswear quickly gained popularity in their native country. The original trousers and T-shirts were different from those offered by other stores. But the fur bikini was considered the most unusual product. This is how a small shop quickly turned into a whole factory, which to this day impresses with its original and stylish solutions.

The World of Wear online marketplace offers Gsus a stock of clothes and accessories that are very popular all over the world. It was this brand that was able to gather young and talented designers who work on the creation of each collection, embodying the most daring ideas in them. Manufacturability, innovation, special style and exclusivity – this is what many customers prefer this brand for. To date, the collections of the Dutch fashion house are presented in stores around the world. These are the Baltic countries, Italy, England, Japan, the United States of America, Greece and many others. Here you can buy Gsus clothing at competitive prices in bulk for your store or personal use.

Gsus – women’s clothing in the original incarnation

Gsus – clothes that are distinguished by their originality. This is a great option for a street casual look that will impress not only women, but also men. Many collections are aimed not only at the female audience. Gsus – men’s clothing of the highest class. Dutch brand Gsus Sindustries has done a great job of creating an iconic brand that young adventurers will love. Each element of the brand’s clothing helps to stand out from the crowd and emphasize their own unique individuality. Among the main features of the goods of the fashion house are the following:

  • Each wardrobe item combines various elements that belong to the most diverse stylistic trends. In this case, there is no effect of absurdity. On the contrary, everything looks very competent and complete.
  • Each piece of clothing is distinguished by the originality and non-standard thought of Dutch designers. You can often find interesting inscriptions on the inside, and many products are decorated with frivolous extroverted prints.
  • Each collection is a clear thinking about the correct combination of colors, patterns and graphic forms.
  • The materials and quality of tailoring of each product is beyond praise. Designers carefully monitor this in each of their products.

On the pages of the online warehouse you will find original products that are popular all over the world due to their originality and non-standard execution. If you like a youthful relaxed style, then Gsus clothing wholesale is the perfect choice for you and your store!