Lotto (Italian brand) company manufactures and commercializes sporting and casual clothing and footwear.

We offer Lotto+ mix for Men, Women and Kids. There are blazers, t-shirts, pants and more inside the mix.




Lotto is a sportswear brand that boldly ranks with such equally famous brands as Adidas, Nike, Puma. The company was founded in the Italian city of Montebelluna back in 1973 by two brothers, whose last name gave the name to the famous brand. Lotto clothing is designed for sperm activities. First of all, it is tennis and football. Many of the world’s sports celebrities can boast of wearing this brand. Thanks to advanced developments in light industry and the use of environmentally friendly materials, the company has gained worldwide popularity. What can we say about a wide range of products. today the company offers an excellent range of not only sports equipment, but also clothes for everyday wear. And modern trends, high quality tailoring and impeccable style have made the brand a favorite all over the world. WOW wholesale online warehouse offers to buy Lotto clothes in a wide range at low prices.

Sports shoes of the Italian brand – a product of the highest quality and style

A special role should be given to shoes manufactured by the Lotto brand (stock from WOW). After all, each model is carefully developed by specialists, taking into account all the needs of athletes. So, the company’s shoes can be safely called the best not only for football and tennis, but also for volleyball, basketball, running and other sports. However, the main difference of the company is not at all in this. Lotto always keeps up with the times and the development of technology. So, the brand already has several patented technologies, including:

ENERTURN is a special cushioned insert made of elastic material that promotes energy return without any effort. It relieves pressure on the back of the foot.
STRATOSPHERE – used for shoes designed for tennis or running. It is based on special hollow spheres inside the sole, which make it more elastic.
SYN-PULSE – the use of special oval-shaped holes of different sizes throughout the entire space of the sole. This allows you to provide maximum support for the foot from all sides during sports. In addition, they have many other patented developments aimed at the health of the legs during sports exercises.

Lotto – high quality wholesale clothing for everyone!

On the page of our website you will find the best offers from a well-known brand. These are not only first-class shoes, but also high-quality clothes. So, Lotto menswear is very popular. What are the brand’s super-quality down jackets, based on windproof and water-repellent material. And thanks to the use of natural materials, together with modern technologies, it will not only last a long time, but also provide you with perfect thermoregulation.

No less popular is Lotto women’s clothing, which is presented in an excellent assortment for both sports purposes and daily use. On the pages of the Internet warehouse “World of Wear” you will find many excellent products of the famous Italian brand in bulk.