Regatta Great Outdoors is a family owned outdoor and leisure clothing company founded in the UK in 1981.

The brand is very highly regarded for its stylish yet weatherproofed looks, and is loved by ramblers, amblers, hikers and bikers, campers and gardeners, daily commuters, dog walkers and multi-tasking mums and dads, puddle-loving kids, urban roamers and outdoor adventurers.




All lovers of outdoor activities will certainly understand how important it is to purchase comfortable and high-quality clothing. However, if we are talking about really high-quality things intended for active sports, tourism and walking, their price is really high. However, the Regatta brand has proven itself, offering quality clothing for men, women, children and even toddlers at a reasonable price. The company offers inexpensive and practical clothes, shoes and accessories for active people. And together with the World of Wear online wholesale platform, buying a Regatta jacket is as easy as shelling pears. We offer small and large wholesale for both fashion businesses and private clients who know a lot about high-quality branded clothing.

Regatta – high quality jackets with many benefits

Regatta Outdoor started its journey more than 100 years ago. Its founders are the English family Black, who sought to give active people maximum comfort and reliability in any situation at an affordable price. And today the company pleases its customers with inexpensive, stylish, bright and practical products, which are presented in the WOW online warehouse catalog.

So, Regatta produces a wide range of products. These are sportswear and footwear for clients of different ages. And each piece of Regatta Greatoutdoors is a fashionable, stylish and bright element of sports equipment for all occasions. Any Regatta jacket is perfect for walking in different weather. The range of the company includes the following items:

T-shirts and tops for women and men, as well as for children;
sports trousers and suits;
demi-season jackets, windbreakers.

Quality in every detail

If you liked the Regatta Great Outdoors jacket for men or women, feel free to go to the catalog and choose the quantity you need. WOW offers both large and small wholesale for its customers. The brand offers several options for jackets – these are light windbreakers and light demi-season jackets. Many models are distinguished by brightness, special style, originality and showiness. Pleased with a wide grid of sizes. The brand also offers a wide variety of overalls for the little ones, which will protect your baby from wind, snow and frost in any weather.

If we talk about light sportswear, then it pleases men and women with its lightness, convenience and practicality. For lovely ladies, the manufacturer has prepared high-quality and comfortable T-shirts, tops, tunics and even dresses. All designs come in vibrant colors and are perfect for a variety of occasions. The brand’s shoes are also very popular. Each model combines beauty and practicality.

Regatta clothing wholesale is offered in the WOW online warehouse catalog at a bargain price for everyone. High quality, affordable prices, only the current range of products – this is why our site is chosen among many others. If Regatta clothes (stock), then only with “World of Wear”.