SANDRO FERRONE  is located in ROMA, Italy.

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Sandro Ferrone is a brand of a famous fashion house, originally from Italy. However, this is not just a name, but also the name of its creator. This now popular manufacturer of fashionable and high-quality clothes appeared back in 1958. Initially, it was a small family workshop that specialized in tailoring and repairing clothes. Today they deservedly bear the title of one of the most famous and popular Italian clothing manufacturers, known throughout the world.

On the site of the Internet warehouse of fashionable branded clothing “World of Wear” a wide range of models from the world’s most famous brands is presented. At the same time, you can buy Sandro Ferrone clothes at a bargain price for your fashion store or for personal use at affordable prices. We offer high-quality wholesale products at great deals, which will undoubtedly interest both large fashion businesses and small online stores.

Sandro Ferrone – high quality clothing

Even at the dawn of its development, the owner and creator of the fashion brand had no idea about such a stunning development and the opening of a whole chain of stores. However, he initially preferred the development of the fast-fashion strategy. What does it mean? The whole point of the fashion house of the Italian fashion house is that new collections were offered very often. At the same time, absolutely each of them certainly corresponded to the newest and most modern trends in the fashion environment. It was functional, incredibly stylish, comfortable and always relevant. So, we are all used to the fact that the collections of many clothing manufacturers appear twice a year. Alessandro preferred a different method. And every week more and more new products appeared in stores, each of which surprised with its extraordinary style and amazing cut. Perhaps it is this trend that has allowed the Italian brand to achieve such a resounding success in many countries around the world.

Today, as well as 60 years ago, the collections in stores are updated every week, which makes it possible for customers to always follow the latest trends in the fashion world. And the brand is popular not only in Italy, but throughout the world. Each element of the collection is made exclusively from high quality Italian fabrics and accessories. The cut is traditional, which gives the brand’s clothing its own originality.

It is worth noting that the assortment of the brand includes Sandro Ferrone women’s clothing, as well as many different accessories:

quality shoes;
stoles and much more.

Sandro Ferrone – wholesale clothes for you and for your store!

Still looking for quality content for your fashion store? Sandro Ferrone (stock) is an excellent solution for large and small businesses in the fashion industry. In the catalog of the Internet site “WOW” you can get acquainted with the various collections of the famous Italian brand, which for several decades have been delighting their customers around the world with excellent quality, originality and freshness of ideas.