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Sisters Point is a Danish company creating trendsetting and energetic fashion for Women.




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Sisters point – clothes for self-confident young girls. Stylish, young souls and open to the world and the future. It is these criteria that are inherent in the audience of the brand, founded in Denmark in 1994. Young girls aged 15 to 25 prefer the style, elegance and originality inherent in the products of the company.

In the catalog of the Internet warehouse “World of Wear” you will find an excellent assortment of Sisters point stock at reasonable prices for both large wholesale and small wholesale. It doesn’t matter if you choose clothes for yourself, for gifts or to fill your own store. We have something to offer just for you. And the Danish brand will certainly attract a young audience that appreciates style, fashion and comfort.

Quality, comfort and style for young girls from a Danish manufacturer

Sisters point is made taking into account all the latest trends in the fashion world, which do not lose their relevance. Mostly all Sisters point women’s clothing is made in a trendy casual style, thanks to which the brand has gained wide popularity in Europe among young girls. Thus, the company is represented today in more than 20 countries. And the popularity of manufacturers is constantly growing. Really high-quality and fashionable products at reasonable prices are a huge advantage of the brand in comparison with many other manufacturers.

Sisters point is a brand that exudes style and sophistication. All collections are filled with bright colors. You can notice the predominance of floral prints, abstract patterns and even Japanese motifs. The fabrics used are of high quality. In addition, they sit comfortably on the female figure, and thanks to the predominantly free cut, they do not hinder movement and allow you to enjoy an active life from morning to evening. The company now and then updates its range in order to delight its customers with new products straight from the catwalks.

The founders did a great job to get such a stunning popularity. The company’s designers meticulously work on every detail, every element of a dress, tunic, overalls or jeans. All so that the girls in the clothes of the Danish brand feel comfortable, at ease and at the same time look great. Sisters point stands out in the market due to its customer focus. They offer:

  • fresh ideas that make clothes original;
  • high quality fabrics and accessories;
  • a constantly updated range of collections that comes with bestsellers;
  • really comfortable and convenient clothes for everyone.

Bulk shopping with WOW

Sisters point wholesale clothing is offered on our online platform at competitive prices. We are constantly updating our range of catalogs so that you can choose only the most up-to-date trendy products at a reasonable price. For each client, we have both small wholesale and large wholesale. Therefore, even small online stores will be able to profitably acquire Sisters point maxi dress and other offers that are available on the site.