Fashion is very fleeting and fickle. Every year, each clothing brand releases several collections to the world, strictly following the new fashion trends and trends. However, in addition to trends, there are also classic combinations, comfortable and comfortable clothes, sportswear of excellent quality, evening dresses and business suits that should never go out of fashion. Due to the large range of products, many fashion houses and retail stores of brands do not always sell their leftovers, even during sales. So, after getting into the warehouse, clothes can bring profit to their manufacturers thanks to such a concept as “stock of branded clothing wholesale”.

If you buy men’s and women’s clothing wholesale in Sofia or any other city in Bulgaria, the World of Wear wholesale warehouse will certainly please you with pleasant prices and a huge variety of assortment for every taste and for any request. Only well-known brands, only original products with excellent quality. And together with the availability of prices, such an acquisition will undoubtedly be profitable for your business. All items are sold in large and small wholesale. It is possible to buy wholesale warehouse of women’s and men’s  clothing in Sofia by weight, picking up those products of branded manufacturers that are popular directly with your customers.

What is a men’s and female stock wholesale ?

Unfortunately, many people still do not distinguish between the concepts of stock and second-hand. Whereas second hand clothing and shoes are clothes and shoes that have been used and resold from people, stock is brand new stuff with tags. Since such clothes and shoes were not sold out in a branded retail store, but ended up in a warehouse for a long time, we have to buy clothes in bulk for the whole family from well-known and beloved brands at an affordable price.

For many people, it is very important to dress in branded clothes. In addition to the fact that these are incredibly comfortable and high-quality clothes and shoes, in the production of which every detail, every stitch and material used matter, branded items also carry status. It is this kind of clothing that allows you to feel more confident in society. Many men and women prefer certain brands for their name, as it is able to confirm the status of its owners.

High-quality clothes, shoes, as well as accessories from well-known brands allow you to reincarnate everyone. And the external image of a person, thought out to the smallest detail, is really capable of correctly presenting it in society. If you decide to buy women’s clothing wholesale in Bulgaria, World of Wear will be your guide for competently filling your own store. Whether it’s just a growing online store on Instagram or a large network selling stock men`s branded clothing wholesale and wholesale stock womens clothing.

Wholesale women’s and men’s clothing from Europe in Bulgaria at competitive prices

Women’s clothing by weight wholesale is represented by a wide variety of fashion trends, styles and product names. The same can be said about men’s things. Female and male stock clothing wholesale (Bulgaria) offers to pay attention to such categories as:

  • women’s and men’s wholesale jeans (H&M, Diesel, Armani, Levis);
  • dresses wholesale (Zara, Mohito, Mango);
  • women’s T-shirts wholesale and various youth women’s clothing wholesale (Primark, Fun Fun, Only, Vero Moda);
  • high-quality brand shoes;
  • business suits (Tom Tailor, Massimo Dutti);
  • sportswear of world famous brands (Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok);
  • stock of men’s clothing wholesale (Bulgaria);
  • children’s things, both for kids and for boys and girls (Disney, Cool Club).

If you are looking for quality women’s brand stock or decide to buy men’s clothing wholesale (Bulgaria), World of Wear offers a large selection of brand names that offer their products at the lowest prices. Among them:

  • S oliver
  • Bestseller
  • Indetex
  • Jack&Jones
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Mayoral
  • Camel Active
  • Cos
  • Broadway
  • Bershka
  • Ichi
  • Vila
  • Triuph
  • Guess
  • Masai
  • Calvin Klein and other brands.

There is also a large selection of quality clothing, shoes and accessories at the best prices for women and men, as well as for children of all ages. Everyone strives to dress stylishly and tastefully. And the WOW company helps a lot in this, which offers not only quality, but also accessibility. And thanks to close cooperation with online marketplaces and fashion houses (for example, Lidl, Aldi, C&A), none of our clients overpays. The lowest prices are possible thanks to direct cooperation without intermediaries.

The best stock deals for your business

Want to start your own business but don’t know where to start? Selling branded clothing for the whole family is a great start-up that will help you quickly rise, because clothes and shoes are always needed. And men, and women, and children. And if you offer high-quality clothes of famous brands at an affordable price, then you will certainly be able to win over your customers. The main thing is to decide what content you want for your site. If you don’t know where to start, World of Wear consultants are always happy to help and advise you on the choice of clothing and footwear to suit the needs and desires of your customers.

World of Wear helps with the development of start-up businesses, but also works closely with experienced sales professionals. We are focused on the success of your business, because this means our success. Therefore, your successful sales are a priority for wholesalers. You can always get comprehensive and competent advice, assistance in the selection of brands and product categories. All deliveries take place in the shortest possible time, and the quality of clothes and shoes without any doubt will not leave anyone indifferent.

Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories from well-known brands in Bulgaria

The World of Wear company is the largest wholesale warehouse supplying exclusively original products of world brands from all over Europe. In the assortment you will find only first-class clothes of famous European and world-class brands for both men and women, as well as children. Thanks to the relationships established over many years of work, we directly purchase clothes, shoes and accessories, which allows you to avoid the markup of intermediaries, while receiving a really good product.

Stock products are represented by a large assortment of clothing and footwear. Wholesale warehouses can be found in different cities and countries. WOW offers its customers the opportunity to choose a product on one of the sites:

  • stock clothing wholesale in Plovdiv;
  • clothing wholesale warehouse in Varna;
  • wholesale stock clothing in Ruse.

In addition, you have the opportunity to buy clothes wholesale in Burgas. Thanks to wholesale sales of branded items for the whole family, we make them available to everyone. After all, everyone wants to look stylish and at the same time not overpay. High-quality clothes, shoes and accessories from well-known and popular manufacturers are what will allow everyone to look good, stylish, well-groomed and expensive.

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