Fashion is not a constant concept. It is so fleeting that many do not keep up with its trends and new trends. And the collections in fashion houses and retail stores change so quickly that people do not have time to snap up clothes. So, it falls into the category of sale, and then completely moves to the warehouse. Old collections in warehouses can be stored for a very long time. However, manufacturers of fashionable branded clothing considered that it was not only not profitable for them, but also brought a loss. Thus, it was decided to sell the remnants of past collections to wholesale buyers. This is how the concept of “stock of branded clothing”, wholesale can be bought up to five times cheaper compared to new collections and their retail prices in the store.

Unfortunately, many people are still very distrustful of stock clothing, mistakenly believing that it is second-hand. We hasten to inform you that this opinion is very erroneous. Whereas second-hand is clothes that are not brand new, in any condition, and are sold directly or through intermediaries from people, stock is brand new clothes with tags. Some of the items may even still be in their original packaging.

If you are interested in women’s and men’s clothing from Europe wholesale in Germany, World of Wear offers an excellent selection of exceptionally high-quality items from well-known brands and fashion houses of European and global importance. Primark, S oliver, Bestseller, Indetex, H&M, Jack&Jones – you will find these and many other manufacturers in the catalog and in one of the wholesale warehouses of the company. WOW cooperates closely with wholesale network sites (Aldi, Lidl, Kiabi, C&A), trading houses and various brands from Europe (Trussardi, Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, Wesk, Mayoral, To Be Too, Fun Fun, Street Gang). This allows us to provide our customers with only original products at affordable prices without intermediaries. Now it is easy, simple and effective to buy clothes in bulk, as you do not overpay and get high quality when buying in bulk, including by weight.

Women’s and men’s branded clothing wholesale – the best deals

In the catalogs of the wholesale warehouse WOW you will find a large selection of names and range of products. Wholesale stock women’s clothing, men’s clothing and children’s clothing offers a choice of:

  • wholesale jeans (Levis, Armani);
  • dresses wholesale – both youth and evening dresses (Blend, Only, Broadway, Zara, Bershka, Mohito);
  • quality menswear (Massimo Dutti, Tom Tailor);
  • sports names of famous brands (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok);
  • women’s T-shirts  wholesale (Diesel, Vero Moda);
  • youth women’s clothing wholesale;
  • accessories, including handbags of famous brands (Guess, Tchibo);
  • quality clothes, shoes and accessories for children (Diney, Cool Club) and much more.

Buy wholesale stock of men’s and women’s clothing in Germany is now very simple and profitable for everyone. Well-known brands of European and world significance are available in the wholesale warehouse catalog. Among them:

  • Scotch soda
  • Camel Active
  • Cos
  • Ichi
  • Villa
  • Mango
  • Triuph
  • Nakd
  • Ovs
  • Next
  • Masai
  • Calvin Klein and others.

Men’s and women’s clothing by weight wholesale – a profitable offer for your business

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced salesperson or a store owner. Or maybe you are just starting your business in the field of fashion and sales of branded items. Even if you are just thinking about what kind of business you would like to start, wholesale men’s and female stock wholesale is a good idea for a profitable start-up. Many European fashionistas and women of fashion prefer new collections, going shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories in the stores of their favorite brands. But only thanks to stock platforms it is possible to buy the same things at the best prices. Fashion is fleeting, and when purchasing clothes and shoes of good quality, people prefer not trends, but still the originality of products and their excellent characteristics (quality of materials used, tailoring, cut, style, etc.). And if such things are still available, this is a huge advantage for each of your future clients.

The World of Wear company offers to buy women’s clothing wholesale in Germany at a profitable price. Due to the wide range, the ability to arrange large or small wholesale, the support of the company’s specialists and assistance in choosing exactly the product for which your customers are in demand, it is profitable to buy stock of men’s clothing wholesale (Germany) with trusted distributors.

Wholesale warehouse of women’s and men’s clothing – Berlin, Munich and other cities

In Europe, many brand stores and manufacturers of clothing and footwear sell their old collections in bulk. This is due to the need to unload the warehouse and at the same time receive at least the slightest profit. Women’s and male stock wholesale from Germany and other European countries is very popular with our compatriots, as good quality items can be bought at an affordable price. Thanks to direct deliveries and well-established work with representatives of branded companies and carriers, World of Wear guarantees the high quality and originality of each item. And thanks to wholesale sales, each of our clients does not overpay. You can choose the category of goods and the brand you want to purchase. In addition, WOW consultants help newcomers to the business with the right choice of clothes and shoes that will be in demand by your customers. After all, your development is our success too.

In Germany, there is a large selection of stock clothing. So, you can buy men’s and women’s clothing wholesale in Berlin and other cities. Representative offices of World of Wear are in many cities. Each of our clients can choose things in one of the warehouses, for example:

  • stock clothing wholesale in the city of Munich is offered;
  • clothing wholesaler in Hamburg;
  • wholesale clothing stock (Cologne).

In addition, you can buy clothes wholesale in Frankfurt am Main at affordable prices. The quality, price and efficiency of such a purchase allows you to quickly establish your business. Even if you are just starting to develop your small online store, European branded stock clothing is a great option for filling it properly and efficiently.

Why buy  men’s clothing wholesale(Germany) is profitable with World of Wear – our advantages

WOW has been present in the wholesale market of quality branded items for many years. We are chosen because we guarantee efficiency, product originality and low price. Thanks to cooperation with the company, each client will receive many benefits:

  1. Work without intermediaries, which allows you to set the lowest prices in the wholesale market;
  2. The opportunity to purchase the best stock collections at competitive prices before others;
  3. We offer an individual approach to each client and assistance in choosing the necessary category of goods or brands that are especially popular among the customers of your retail store;
  4. We offer large and small wholesale.
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