Armani Exchange was launched in 1991 in the U.S and has become iconic within the Armani family!

We offer Men’s and Women’s Armani Exchange mix.




Italy is the birthplace of a large number of fashion houses. It was here that the history of one of the most popular and influential luxury brands – Armani – began. Clothing from Armani is a combination of originality, comfort and elegance. Today the armani brand is well segmented and has the following branches: Emporio, USA, Jeans, Junior, Casa and others. It is also necessary to highlight the Armani Exchange category, whose clothes are considered “budget”. This niche is also called youth, for its rebelliousness, because fashion designer Giorgio Armani was inspired by the trends of street style, pop culture, rap, and also wanted to make a more aggressive line under the auspices of the created brand.

Today, entrepreneurs can purchase goods from the armani exchange heading stock and please their customers, because everyone wants to touch the greatness and become part of the armani fashion house. Clothing wholesale has been sold by specialists of the WORLD OF WEAR online store for more than a year, so we know well what your customers will definitely like and bring maximum profit. With our help, Armani, accessible to everyone, gets into the range of your outlets.

Armani: women’s clothing

Things for the fair sex combine comfort and originality. These are laconic dresses, sweatshirts, blouses, T-shirts and pants, as well as high-quality accessories that will perfectly fit into your basic wardrobe and add “sharpness” to it.

Armani: menswear

The men’s line is represented by T-shirts and shirts made of natural materials, as well as high-quality trousers and comfortable shoes. All this combines business and sports style, so it will definitely find its place in the life of an active man. All models have a slightly loose style, so they definitely will not cause discomfort to their owner, and vice versa, they will give a sense of confidence.

Why buy armani exchange clothes in our boutique?

First, it should be understood that the target audience of a given niche. If your business specializes in clothing for young people who prefer the casual style and its offshoots, then feel free to browse this section and choose the lots you like.

Secondly, armani exchange clothes are still considered luxury and can have colorful prints or be made of glossy materials. If you want to experiment and bring something innovative to your catalogs, then the “budget” Armani is ideal for this.

We, in turn, offer entrepreneurs to get acquainted with the original Armani products by ordering the appropriate lot in our service. You never know if your audience will approve of your choice until you try it. But do not worry, cooperating with us, businessmen not only save a significant part of the company’s budget, but also personal time, since the order is placed conveniently online. All the nuances can be clarified by our competent manager in a telephone conversation. Invest in the prosperity of your business by cooperating with WOW.