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CORTEFIEL & CARAMELO clothing from Spain.

We offer Women’s collection: dresses, skirts, suit jackets, t-shirts and a lot more.



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Cortefiel & Сaramel – clothes from the famous and one of the oldest brands in Spain. The company began its work in the distant 1945 and since then has not ceased to please us with exquisite and elegant outfits. On the pages of the Internet warehouse “World of Wear” you will find clothes from the famous collections of the manufacturer at affordable prices. Wholesale purchases will allow everyone to save money and get an unforgettable look for both everyday wear and special events.

What is the popularity of the Spanish brand?

Caramelo brand collections are designed for men and women aged 35 to 45 who have a youthful outlook on life and have an open, inquisitive mind. Thanks to originality, the use of high-quality materials and unusual, but at the same time incredibly attractive and comfortable styles, the company invites its regular customers and lovers of sophistication to experience all the delights of alternative fashion. After all, the style and the highest quality of the clothes offered are much more valuable than a trendy look, which in a year will cease to be relevant and popular. Yet the classic is timeless. And this fact is beyond doubt.

Cortegiel&Caramelo (stock) from our online warehouse offers the latest models for men and women, as well as the highest comfort in every piece. This is the perfect choice of clothing for people who look at the world of today and do not forget about classic combinations.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the manufacturer was able to become a consolidated brand and a real standard of modern fashion. Caramelo’s womenswear and menswear collections are now available in 34 countries around the world. our country is no exception. On the pages of our catalog you can choose for yourself this or that part of the wardrobe of excellent quality and at affordable prices.

Caramelo – wholesale clothing at a bargain price!

You can buy Cortefiel&Caramelo clothes in our warehouse wholesale. We offer not only the high quality for which the brand is so famous, but also attractive affordable prices that will not leave you indifferent. Be sure to go to the company’s catalog, and you will find what you have been looking for for so long:

elegant women’s skirts;
incredibly comfortable and stylish men’s trousers;
exquisite jackets and jackets;
light sundresses;
classic or flirty and playful blouses and much more that will allow your look to sparkle with new colors.

The Cortefiel&Caramelo brand is an elegant, refined and incredibly high-quality clothing for men and women at affordable prices. many accomplished and successful residents of large metropolitan areas appreciate the style, convenience and comfort that clothing from the Spanish manufacturer offers them. After all, such people are no longer inclined to various experiments with their style. In return, they prefer the high quality and classic style that Caramelo gives them. These clothes are able to give freshness and youth to everyone who wears them.